About Us

CSS Float is an astonishing platform to display and endorse innovative talents and trends in the world of web designing. CSS Float primarily focus on extensive variety of websites possessing exclusive skills in aesthetics, creativity presentation and coding. We are thrilled to appraise the creativity and hardship of the designers and to distribute it with the world.

CSS Float is a platform for web design support, submitted by web designers of all over the world. We only accept the websites with high quality and professional touch.

We also focus on extensive range of websites possessing inimitable skills in aesthetics, inventiveness, and presentation and code.

If you would like to submit your website for consideration into our gallery, please visit the submit page. Please don’t submit Porn website, pirate software downloading website, payday loan or any kind of fraud website. WE DESERVE RIGHT TO REMOVE YOUR WEBSITE FROM WWW.CSSFLOAT.NET WITHOUT GIVING ANY KIND OF INFORMATION. If you are facing any problem in website submission or concerns please feel free to contact us.